Paul is currently working on a research project here at Tokyo Metropolitan University’s System Design faculty looking at how to make information on natural hazards (such as earthquakes, active volcanoes and typhoons) in Japan more accessible and usable. It’s very early stages but the plan is to build a smart phone app. We’ve recently launched a mini-site for the project at hazards.jp. This research will build on some of the findings from Paul’s PhD and the MyFireWatch project.


Pocopoco is a new musical interface that users can control by pushing, holding and turning – very intuitive and tactile actions. To create Pocopoco we developed original solenoid units with built-in sensors and assembled 16 of them in a box-shaped container to serve as a universal input/output device. Through the use of their up and down movement we have created a new form of musical expression. The resulting device is a versatile interface whose physical movement is appealing to both performers and audiences.