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Project Leader: Tetsuaki Baba

Not only in childhood but also adulthood, we need some trainings to read music scores, which sometimes make music hard to learn and enjoy. In this article, we shall propose the system that enables users to play their handwritten musical notations by our musical interface. Since 1960s, Optical Music Recognition (OMR) has become matured in the field of printed score. On the other hand, few researches on handwritten notations have been done, as well as on interactive system for OMR. We combined notating with performing in order to make the music more intuitive for users and give aids to learn music to users. Project page


Research and development of the display to see, touch, and feel

Project Leader: Kumiko Kushiyama

We research tactile, visual, and other sensory interactive interfaces, for example "thermoesthesia" for hot or cold sensations, "magnetosphere" for rough or smooth sensations, and "fur-fly" for fluffy sensations like the fur and such of living creatures. At the Interactive Art Studio we try to develop new forms of expression and new interfaces, intergrating moving images, sound, temperature, and touch. Our work not only involves artistic expression but also digital signage, and it demonstrates the potential of tactile communication interfaces including helping people with disablitilites lead fuller lives.

Thermo Project video(DigInfo)

Freqtric Project

Project Leader: Tetsuaki Baba

Freqtric Project is a skin contact interface system that allows us not only to recover face-to-face communication, but also makes possible body-to-body communication so that a self image based on the sense of being a separate body can be significant altered through an openness to and even a sense of becoming part of another body. Freqtric Project has two types: one is “Freqtric Drums” and another is “Freqtric Game”.
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Yuya Kikukawa, Toshiki Yoshiike, Takaharu Kanai, Tatsuhiko Suzuki, Tetsuaki Baba, Kumiko Kushiyama

Pocopoco is a new musical interface that users can control by pushing, holding and turning - very intuitive and tactile actions. To create Pocopoco we developed original solenoid units with built-in sensors and assembled 16 of them in a box-shaped container to serve as a universal input/output device. Through the use of their up and down movement we have created a new form of musical expression. The resulting device is a versatile interface whose physical movement is appealing to both performers and audiences.
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Toshiki Yoshiike, Rika Shoji, Yuya Kikukawa, Tetsuaki Baba, Kumiko Kushiyama

This project is inspired by mysterious power of masks. We develop input system which is noncontact sensing technique to detect user's facial movement by multi-point arrangement sensor on a mask interface and output system, which has possibility to be applied for cartoon-character costume.
Our device which can output user's wink and open and close of mouth on a cat-type device exhibited at IVRC2011 (19th International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest).

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