How does it work?

In our Textile++ system, the principle of resistive touch sensing is applied. Conductive cloth is used instead of a conductive lm panel, which is used for conventional resistive touch-sensing. Mesh fabric (non-conductive material) is used to separate the upper and lower conductive cloths when not touching. Mesh fabric made of polyester was used. Since the principle of resistive touch-sensitivity is applied, it is possible to detect the X and Y coordinates of the contacted substance. Furthermore, pressure can be detected.


We designed the circuit and PCB for textile++, which includes microcontroller and USB battery charger and BLE communication module. The size of Textile++ circuit borad is 3 [cm] x 3 [cm] in order to make it easy to apply our technique to wearable and small materials.

First Prototype

We tried various contactive textile material and mesh cloths.we developed a exible and lightweight first prototype (length 15 cm × width 15 cm).Conductive cloth used SparkFun DEV - 10070. The resolution of Textile++(15cm×15cm) is about 30×30.